Coffee Table Styling: Mixing Elements

Monday, June 29, 2020

One of my long-held passions is in decorative home decor. The coffee table is one area where I feel like one can be extremely creative and varied in their designs. While I primarily prefer white stoneware for my everyday eatery I absolutely adore one of kind pieces for the coffee table. In fact, just the idea of this area of my home conjures up images of friends and family gathering for memorable moments.

Since this space is all about creativity and expression for me I prefer to mix things up. Coffee table books make wonderful conversation starters as well as unique place settings. I have always loved books and beyond reading I find them to be something to really pique my interest. In this setting, they provide that unique and almost unexpected element. I have placed here three of my favorite books: A Colorful Way of Living by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, Garden House by Bonnie Trust Dahan, and In the Name of Gucci by Patricia Gucci.

Along with these favorite reads are these simple votive candle holders that put off a particularly warm glow that I just love. Candlelight adds so much to our surroundings and is something so simple to achieve. I also added these decorative handmade artisan plates imported from Italy. Each one a unique piece of art!

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