On Becoming More Thoughtful

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

There's a lot of talk about purposeful living and it's something I have tried to put into practice in my own life. But, I have to say...I find myself really reflecting on this concept and realizing that what I'm striving to do is to actually become more thoughtful. For me, this means thinking about my choices and why I gravitate towards one thing or another.

This has been very revealing for me because what I have found is that muddling through all of the superfluous stuff to get down to my real intention sometimes takes quite a bit of patience on my part. It's amazing how the ego gets in the way, fears can cause quite a bit of confusion, and then there are those fleeting emotions that can make one question so much.

However, I find this process increasingly more necessary as I come to another bend in the road of life and wish to live with a sense of grace that comes from having tapped into some greater meaning. Such as...what really brings me joy? Now, I know we can not all live our lives from this vantage point alone but there is a point in which we also must ask ourselves if the choices we are making are really worth it in the grand scheme of things. I'm talking about the kind of deep thought that brings a greater awareness because sadly- sometimes the very things we believe will bring us a sense of contentment can be the cause of great unhappiness if we fail to see what's underneath and really driving our choices.

Of course, happiness comes in many forms and is certainly different for everyone but don't you agree that we are all entitled to find some sense of it in our lives? In whatever way it reveals itself...be it in brief moments, small blessings, or the unexpected I believe happiness can be found within by searching the soul and asking those questions of the self.

When this happens maybe it's fair to say that it's this feeling of tranquility and ease that comes from honest conversations within and then being able to say...I am okay with me. It is peace and acceptance which eventually leads one to some happiness. At least that's what it means to me.

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